Home made hand cream recipe

Posted by bubbles111 - Wednesday, 27 May 2009 9:30 PM
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Over the last few days i have been researching bath & body recipes to make as gifts.
I found this simple hand cream I hope it is what you want!  to make a vanilla scent...just add a drop of pure vanilla essence?  Worth a go!  Bubbs

Homemade hand cream recipe
Squeeze the oil out of 2 or 3 vitamin E capsules into a bowl. Add 2 Tbsp. each of olive oil and coconut oil, and mix together.

This can be stored in the refrigerator or a cool place for a few weeks, and used as needed. Since the concoction is very smooth, you may want to use it at bedtime as a night cream.

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    #1 by gypsycat Wednesday, 27 May 2009 10:05 PM
    Hey Bubbles, you must have read my wanted ad.

    I have really bad sleep problems but have found when I use Vanilla flavoured hand cream just before I go to bed I sleep really well all night. I'm using the Avon one which is great but I hate using anything with SLS in it and all thiose other toxic ingredients.

    Thanks for posting this recipe!

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    #2 by bubbles111 Thursday, 28 May 2009 3:01 AM
    Hey g

    have you tried getting some lavender oil and placing it on a tissue/ cotton ball in your pillow case.

    My darling old mum use to swear by it for her sleeplessness etc etc etc
    And when Sis was terminal the pallative care nurses used it for her!

    Give it a go!
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