Ad-tion allows you to advertise your business on quicksales. Your ads will show on related category lists and main category pages to the products you sell. Now your ads are targeted towards buyers that are already interested in your products. It's a great way for you to promote your products and business.

Choose your monthly spend
You can choose how much you want to spend to advertise your business each month simply by entering a bid amount. quicksales will deduct the amount from your quicksales prepaid account every 30 days. You can set your own budget, stop or delete a campaign at any time. The minimum bid amount is $10 for 30 days.

Ad rank (position on page)
Your ad rank (position) depends on the bid amount for the specific category you want to advertise in. The greater the bid the higher the ranking. You can estimate your ranking before submitting. Ad ranks move up and down depending on current bid amounts from all advertisers. You can increase your bid amount at any time. Up to 5 ads can be displayed in 'each category list' and in 'each main category page' (the 5 highest bid ads will appear, additional ads {6 onwards} can be viewed on a linked page).

Ad placement
Ad-tion ads are displayed in three main areas on quicksales:

  1. Category lists (example) - when browsing listings in a category
  2. Main category pages (example) - accessed from the home page
  3. Sponsored Sellers page - accessed from various links on quicksales

In addition, the current top 10 Ad-tion ads (by highest bid amount) will also appear on the Buy page. You can estimate your overall ranking and specific category ranking before submitting.

Ad-tion Terms and Conditions

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