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quicksales Fees

quicksales is very pleased to announce that all ads are now completely FREE - no listing fee, no commissions, just 100% FREE!

Classified , Auction & Buy Now Listings

All ads are now completely FREE across all categories. Classifieds are online until sold. More Information.

Promotional Feature Fees (upgrade your listing) Learn more

Front Page Featured $10.00 Your listing will be randomly displayed on quicksales' home page and in the Featured Items list.
Category Special $5.00 Your listing will be shown above standard listings in category lists and search results. Category Special will be shown in below the image.

Other Fees

Auction cancellation $3.00 Auction cancellation fee (only applies if you cancel an auction after bids have been placed).

qshop Fees

A monthly fee will be charged each month in advance. More Information
Basic qshop $5.00 / month  
Pro qshop $50.00 / month  
Pro Plus qshop $150.00 / month  
Note: qshop fees are processed monthly on the date you opened your qshop.
For example, if you open a qshop on the 10th of November you will be charged on the 10th of each month.
All fees are inclusive of GST and in Australian dollars. (Last updated: 30 April 2013)
To find out how to pay your quicksales fees, please click here.