Forum Rules

(Last updated: 15/02/2011)

These are the rules for your use of the forums made available on the quicksales website ('quicksales'), operated by Limited (referred to in these rules as 'us', 'we', 'our').

The quicksales forums are a place where members can chat, have discussions, ask questions, receive support and make suggestions about quicksales. quicksales also has a forum topic for wanted items, where members can post a message about an item they want. These forums can be very helpful, entertaining and a place where members can meet new friends.

This is a private forum, for the use of quicksales members only. You are our guests. We do our best trying to keep the forums presentable and will delete messages we deem inappropriate as we see fit without warning.

By using the quicksales forum, you agree and acknowledge that any information or material submitted by you to the forum is and will be treated by us as non-confidential and non-proprietary and we may use such material without restriction. When you submit material to the forum, you licence us to reproduce such material. You must not post or transmit any material in which the copyright is owned by another person or entity and you warrant to us that all material posted is of your original work and not sourced from any third party.

We require that members abide by the following rules so that participation in the forum topics can be a positive experience for all members. Posts that are in violation of this policy may be removed and the member may be suspended without warning.

  1. No Advertising - Do not post messages about specific auctions or include references / links to other locations which have products for sale. Do not post links to external forums, groups or sites not affiliated with quicksales. Do not spam.
  2. Keep your messages clean - Do not start threads or post messages that contain offensive language.
  3. Respect other members - Do not post messages about disputes, auctions, ratings or blocking of other members.
  4. Privacy - Do not post contact details of others. Do not post private email or message content.
  5. Disputes - we will not get involved in disputes between members in the forum. Any disputes in a thread may result in the whole thread being deleted.
  6. No cross posting or multiple posting - Post your message once, in the appropriate forum. Do not post more than one thread in a row. Do not post more than two replies to a thread in a row. Posting multiple threads in a row reduces the quality of the forums and is a waste of resources.
  7. No thread "Bumping" - Do not post in a thread with the intention of purposely moving it up the list.
  8. No Defamation - Do not post any messages which slander, insult or defame us, quicksales, or any person, including our employees, representatives or other members of quicksales.
  9. No begging or asking for donations. Do not ask other members to give you or someone money or goods for free.
  10. No false accounts - Do not register accounts with false information or register multiple accounts for use on the forums or otherwise impersonate any other person.
  11. Adult content - Do not post pornographic or adult content.
  12. Seller's Pick Of The Day - Sellers may announce specials and promote their items for sale on quicksales in the 'Seller's Pick Of The Day' forum. Members are not permitted to post another member's items.
  13. The following are examples of violations that will result in us removing the post/thread and may result in us warning or suspending a member. These are examples only and do not limit the actions to which we may respond by removing a post/thread or warning or suspending a member.
    1. any thread or reply that can be considered abusive, argumentative, harassing, hateful, hostile, hurtful, obscene, racially vilifying, sexist, swearing, threatening or vulgar;
    2. the baiting of other members into a negative reaction;
    3. any behaviour deemed by us to be unwelcome or unacceptable;
    4. over posting (threads or replies) or spamming the forum;
    5. advertising auctions, services, commercial web sites or goods;
    6. re-posting deleted posts or discussing deleted posts;
    7. repeatedly posting filtered words or messages that include filtered words, causing the system to **BEEP** those filtered words;
    8. attempting to impersonate other members, Forum Moderators, us or any of our employees or representatives;
    9. posting material that in any way violates the quicksales User Agreement;
    10. discussing members that are no longer registered or that are suspended, along with discussion of possible Moderator identities;
    11. posting threads in inappropriate forums; and
    12. posting off topic or inappropriate replies in a forum thread.

Members that violate the forum rules may be suspended from using the forums or quicksales. We reserve the right to remove any post or suspend a member without notice. Members may be suspended for a given time frame or indefinitely.

The quicksales forums are monitored by moderators. All moderator decisions are final and no discussion will be entered into. Moderators can access a member's username from their screen name to issue warnings to members, temporary suspend a member from the forum and contact members directly in regards to forum usage or behaviour. Moderation FAQs