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qshops FAQ

What are the fees to run a qshop?
A monthly subscription fee is deducted from your account in advance. The fee is per calendar month and is deducted on the same day each month. View fees

How do I add my items to my qshop?

  • Existing Items (Already Listed) - All items listed before you create a qshop will be automatically added to your qshop when the qshop is created. You will then need to edit each item and select which of your qshop categories you want it listed under. Go to My quicksales > My Selling and click on 'Edit Listing'.

  • New Items - It is possible to add new items to your qshop in the following ways.

    • Add item using Online Listing Page - When adding new items you can choose which qshop category you want to list it under.

    • Adding item using Express Lister - The current version of Express Lister is not compatible with qshops. Items listed with Express Lister can be added to your qshop from the 'Quick Edit' page in 'My quicksales'. Click 'Add to qshop" and then select which qshop category you want to list it under.

Note: By default all items will be listed under the 'All' category, (no qshop category assigned) until you select one of your qshop categories.

Will my qshop items show up in search results?
Yes, all qshop items will show in search results and category listings.

Can I link to other web pages from my qshop?
The wording, promotion or links to other Web sites where products can be purchased is not allowed, with the following exceptions:
1) Linking to your feedback page on eBay.
2) Displaying (not linking) to your own Web site home page address if you have a link back to http://www.quicksales.com.au from your home page.
You may link to a page that further describes the item you are selling as long as products/services cannot be purchased from that page directly or indirectly.

How can people view my qshop?
qshops can be accessed from the seller's Profile page, Item page, forum pages and from the qshop tab at the top of every page. A directory of qshops is available in qshop Hub. Click the qshop tab at the top of any page to enter qshop Hub. Ensure you choose a relevant 'Department' for your qshop from the 'qshop Manager' in 'My quicksales'.

Why have I been charged fees for my qshop which is currently Offline?
Setting your qshop to "Offline" allows sellers to create/edit the layout and temporarily prevent users from viewing the qshop. The monthly subscription fee is still charged whilst your qshop is Offline. It's like having a closed sign on a traditional shop whilst the business is setting up/renovating/on holiday. To avoid paying the monthly subscription fee you will need to close your qshop instead of setting it to Offline.

How do users search for my items by the reference fields, and when would I use them?
When you list an item online, there is an option to add two references that your buyers can search.
Optional reference (Ref#1): [ ] (Searchable by users)
Optional reference (Ref#2): [ ] (Searchable by users)

If you have a large amount of stock or use part numbers, your regular buyers can search by reference for their convenience. The reference can be searched from the search field at the top of your qshop using the drop down to select Ref #1/#2.

What is the qshop Sale feature and how do I use it?
qshop Sale allows you to run a sale for a given duration to attract shoppers to your qshop and has the following benefits:

  1. Your qshop will randomly appear on the qshop Hub front page.
  2. Your qshop will be listed on the qshop Hub "Sale" page.
  3. Your qshop items will appear as below throughout qshop and regular listings.

    Example: $20.00 $14.00 (30% Off)
Simply choose a sale duration and discount rate to have all your items pricing automatically adjusted (except auction price). You can setup a maximum of 10 sales. The cost to run a qshop Sale is $1 per day. In addition, each 5% discount will cost $0.50.

How does the 2nd Department for a qshop facility work?
qshop owners now have the option of selecting a second department for their qshop to be listed in. This feature can be beneficial to sellers that offer different lines of merchandise. Listing your qshop in 2 departments will also increase your exposure to shoppers.

A flat fee of $5.00 per 30 days is charged for having a second department.

Once a second department has been confirmed, you can unselect or select a second department anytime within 30 days without incurring additional fees. Go to My quicksales > Selling > qshop Manager > Edit qshop Details to add a 2nd department.

How can I close my qshop?
You can close your qshop by going to your qshop Manager > qshop Settings
Note: Setting your qshop to "Offline" does not close it, the qshop monthly fee will still be charged. You need to close your qshop to avoid paying the monthly subscription fee.

What is the optimal qshop logo/banner size?
330 wide x 90 high pixles. If you upload an image that is NOT 330 x 90 your image will be resized to 330 x 90 which may result in your image looking smaller or even distorted. So please ensure you resize your logo/banner to 330 x 90 before uploading.