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Delivery Advice for Sellers

Whether you're a first time seller or an experienced seller on quicksales the following advice about sending items should prove helpful.

Before listing an item

  • Create an quicksales/Temando Freight Account. Take the hassle out of delivery and get unbeatable prices. Learn more
  • Weigh and measure the package - this will help you and buyers calculate the delivery cost.
  • Determine if it can be sent for a fixed delivery price - smaller items (under 500g) and prepaid satchels/envelopes can be sent anywhere within Australia for a fixed price with Australia Post.
  • Decide if you will include delivery insurance - highly recommended to avoid any disputes should the item be lost.
  • Work out what the final delivery price will be if possible - by providing an actual delivery price in your listing you can encourage more buyers to place a bid or buy your item.
    Delivery Calculator | Setup a quicksales/Temando Freight Account

Packaging tips

  • Ensure the size of the packaging is relevant to the content. Under-filled boxes may collapse and over-filled may burst.
  • Use suitable protection materials (bubble wrap, foam, scrunched up paper etc) to surround the item.
  • Use a sturdy carton. A carton may be handled approximately 8 times on a trip so it's always best to use a quality carton.
  • Use strapping for heavy items or strong tape if strapping is not available.
  • Clearly write the address in uppercase letters.

Dangerous goods and items that cannot be sent

  • Some items cannot be delivered and may have to be picked up only.
  • Check with your postal or courier service that you can actually send the item.
  • It is forbidden by Australian Aviation Law to carry any dangerous goods by air.
  • For example, Perfume can only be sent by road. Australia Post can carry dangerous goods known as Consumer Quantities but only when accepted on individual contract and the articles specifically marked and documented for carriage by road.

Choosing a carrier / delivery service

  • Compare the delivery time frames and different services offered.
  • Find out if you can buy prepaid envelopes, satchels and services in bulk to save costs.
  • Decide if you would want to have items picked up (door to door service) by your postal or courier service. This will save you time.
  • Find out if they provide a "signature on delivery" service.
  • Ask if they will insure the goods for loss or damage in transit.

Carriers / delivery services

Australia Post

Australia Post Web Site

General Services

Delivery Times

Registered Post

Postage Prices

Temando Freight Account

  • Unbeatable prices
  • Door-to-Door service
  • Tracking
  • Compares multiple carriers/services
  • Insurance

More Info | Delivery Calculator

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