How to become a Verified quicksales User

Verification Types

Becoming a verified user is the first step to becoming trusted by other members and adds credibility to your seller profile.
You can have more than one verification.

Verification Logo
Verification Type
Credit Card Verified User
Address Verified User
Photo ID Verified User
Phone Verified User
SMS Verified User

(Aus Post Verification is no longer available)

Become a Verified User (international buyers)

To purchase items from outside of Australia, international buyers must become credit card verified.

Click here to become a Verified User (for international buyers only)

Become a Transactional Seller

To sell on quicksales either via an auction or BuyNow, we require you to set up a transactional seller's account. You can create an account by either of the following:

SMS Verified User SMS Verification
Landline Verified User Landline Verification

Create a transactional seller account