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Completing Checkout

The Checkout has been designed to help sellers and buyers complete the sale. The checkout is used by the buyer to inform the seller of the following:

  • Transaction details:
    • Postage - Postage/delivery cost (if you know the cost)
    • Insurance - Insurance cost (if offered by the seller and you require it and you know the cost)
    • Seller discount(-) or charges(+) - Discount or charge amount (If you and the seller have agreed on a discount or charge)
  • Buyer Details:
    • Postal address
    • Payment method
    • If insurance is required (if offered by seller)
    • Send a message to the seller

Enter Checkout
Checkout can only be entered by the buyer.
You can enter Checkout from any of the following:

  • Item page; or
  • My quicksales > My Buying > To Pay, then click the 'Check Out' link; or
  • Click on the link in the 'Item Won' email sent to you after the auction ended

How to complete Checkout
To complete Checkout please follow the steps below.

  1. After the item ends, enter Checkout.
    • Make sure your postal address is correct. To update your address click here. Note: You can choose to send the item to a different address.
    • Note: If the seller has an quicksales/Temando Freight Account and you're completing Checkout for a single item you'll be able to select the freight option you would prefer.
    • Choose which payment method you will be using.
    • Select if you require insurance/proof of delivery (optional).
    • Add a message to the seller (optional).
  2. Click the 'Confirm and Complete Checkout' button.

An email will be sent to the seller, the seller should send you an invoice with the Total Amount Payable and payment instructions.

Incorrect amounts shown on PayPal after completing checkout on quicksales
If this happens, the seller may have setup default Postage and or Tax amounts on PayPal. Please notify the seller about this. More Information