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Listing Policy for Sellers

It is your responsibility to ensure you are legally allowed to sell items you list. This includes but is not limited to ensuring that the item does not breach any copyright, trade marks, registered designs, patents or other intellectual property rights.

You must also abide by the following rules:

  1. Prohibited Items must not be listed, please check before listing. Listings fees (if applicable) for any prohibited items listed and removed as violating, will not be refunded.

  2. When using HTML or scripts within your item you must abide by the rules in our HTML and JavaScript Policy.

  3. Linking to Other Web Pages: The naming, promotion of or links to other web sites where products can be purchased is not allowed, with the following exceptions:
    1) Linking to your feedback page on eBay.
    2) Displaying (not linking) your own Web site home page address if you have a link back to http://www.quicksales.com.au from your home page.
    You may link to a page that further describes the item you are selling as long as products/services cannot be purchased from that page directly or indirectly.
    You may not show your web site address in the item title, subtitle, description, pictures uploaded, payment instructions, postage instruction and refund/return policies.

  4. Categorisation: Items must be accurately represented, described and listed in the most appropriate category.
  5. Note: Misuse of this policy will result in your items being removed without a refund and or account suspension. Removal fees of $1 per item will apply to repeat offenders.

  6. Identical Listings: You may not list more than 1 identical item in any more than 3 individual categories. This rule is in place to improve the user experience. Also, because quicksales offers FREE listings, we need to ensure that identical listings are not excessive and therefore abusing the FREE listing policy.

    If you have a multiple quantity available, please enter the quantity available when listing the item. See Multi-Auction items in the Listing an Item help topic for more information.

    Items are considered identical based on such information as the title, pictures and description (including items with different variations). Although you may have added the different variations via your descriptions, subtitles or pictures, this will not be sufficient if your titles are exactly the same. Titles will need to be different, even by the addition of just the one differentiating word, such as 'Small', 'Medium' or 'Large'.

    Where there are more than 5 items which appear to be duplicated (1 item with more than 5 variations in title, description or pictures), we require the variations to be clearly advertised within the item description instead of the title. We DO NOT ALLOW items with different variations to be listed with different titles more than 5 times. Only 1 listing will be allowed with a description outlining the variations.

    Example: Let's say you sell Men's T-Shirts and have 10 colours and 3 sizes available. You are entitled to list 3 separate listings representing your items (Small, Medium and Large). The colours however, can ONLY be outlined within the description of each listing.

    Title: Men's T-Shirt Casual Wear BNWT Large
    Description: Available in: RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, BLACK, WHITE, GREY etc.

    Note: Misuse of this policy will result in your items being removed without a refund and or account suspension. Removal fees of $1 per item will apply to repeat offenders.

  7. Stock: If you drop ship (you do not keep goods in stock, but instead transfer orders to a wholesaler) you must outline the expected time of delivery as well as clearly stating the item will be sent from overseas (if being sent from overseas) in the Postage instructions section. Do not list items that you or your supplier do not hold in stock. We have this policy to prevent a buyer purchasing an item and then being told that the item is no longer available.

  8. Listing No Item: Listings not offering an actual item or service for sale cannot be listed. For example, listings with the primary purpose of advertising.

  9. Selling on Multiple Venues: You may not list the exact same item for sale through another venue which offers instant purchase/auction. This is to prevent the possibility of two buyers winning the exact same item. For example: You cannot list your computer on quicksales and eBay at the same time. Note: This does not apply to Classified items or an item that you have a sufficient quantity available.

  10. Pre-Selling Policy: If you are pre-selling an item, it must be clearly stated within the description of that item that it is a pre-sale, including the date the item is available. You may not pre-sale an item where the available date is longer than 30 days.

  11. Services: Services must be listed in the "Business Services" category.

  12. Keyword Spamming: Title "Keyword spamming" (adding brand names or non related keywords to gain attention) to manipulate search results is not allowed.

  13. GST: All prices are to be shown in Australian dollars and unless otherwise clearly stated, all prices are GST inclusive. GST can only be added to the final price if the payment instructions CLEARLY state that GST will be added to the final price. Note: Only sellers that are GST registered can charge GST. GST info

  14. Excessive Postage: Postage & handling should include a reasonable cost of actual postage, packaging and handling. Excessive postage charges are strictly prohibited and will result in the cancellation of the sale or account suspension.

  15. Credit Card Surcharges: Sellers may not charge surcharges for receiving payments unless the item was paid for by credit card. Merchants are allowed to recoup the cost of merchant service fees directly from consumers who purchased using a credit card. If a merchant does decide to impose a surcharge they must clearly state in the payment instructions that a credit card fee will apply and the amount of the fee. Other costs associated with receiving payments cannot be added to the final price.

  16. As a seller of an item that was successfully sold by auction or BuyNow, you are obligated to complete the sale and promptly forward the item to the successful buyer on completion of the transaction.

  17. You cannot refuse to sell an item because the final price is not what you expected. If you want to make sure the final price is not too low, ensure the start price is set to the minimum you would accept.

  18. In addition to these rules, you must abide by the rules of Section 8 - "Provisions relating to Sellers"of our User Agreement.

quicksales reserves the right to remove any listings that are in breach of our User Agreement or Listing Policy. quicksales also reserves the right to remove any listings from the homepage at its sole discretion. Violation of this policy may result in temporary or permanent account suspension.