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Learn about sellers setting their status to 'Away'

What does Away status mean?

If a seller is away (on holiday etc) they are able to set their status to 'Away' to prevent users viewing/buying their items. This allows the seller to turn their selling listings "off" and "on" from the click of a button instead of ending their items and then listing them again.

When a seller sets their status to Away:

  • The seller's listings will not appear in search results or category lists (with the exception of listings with bids). However, if the seller lists a NEW item whilst they are set to Away, the item will appear in search results and category lists.
  • Members will not be able to place bids or purchase the seller's items (with the exception of listings with bids).
  • Users will see an Away message on the seller's profile page and item page.
  • The seller can still manage their selling items in My quicksales and use all other quicksales services as normal.
  • If the seller has a qshop, the qshop will be set to Offline. Seller's will need to turn their qshop back Online manually.
  • If any items fall due for 'Relist' during the 'Away' period currently in place, they will be sent to the Unsold list and not be automatically relisted.