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Problems lodging an 'Item Not Received' report

You will firstly need to ensure you have followed our Exchange contact details guidelines as outlined via the 'Problems with Sellers' help page; this is a prerequisite of the reporting process as we have found that many disputes have been resolved through members amicably communicating directly.

Prior to lodging your dispute via the 'Report Item Not Received' process, you will also need to ensure you have correctly entered the item number (no words or title is necessary, just the number) and the seller's user name correctly (no spaces, must be exact to the last letter / character).

Please make another attempt to lodge your dispute via the 'Report Item Not Received' process through the link below. Once we receive your report we will be able to communicate further with the seller. We will keep you informed throughout the process. Report Item Not Received

If you are still having problems submitting your application, you can copy the information prior to trying to submit the application. You may then paste it to us for us to manually lodge through your account on your behalf.