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$8.25 postage
Last Modified Date: 29/04/2014 12:54 PM
Postage Cost
Post to Location
Proof of Delivery
Not offered.
Insurance is offered.
Postage Instructions

Australia Post raised their prices on the Pre-paid Postal Plus satchels on April 8, 2013.  I do not charge handling or packing fees.  I use recycled wrapping only.   Postal plus satchels all include tracking numbers, but they don't cover loss.  Registered parcels are no longer an option - they have been done away with by Australia Post.  In replacement of registered parcels if you want to cover damage or loss, they charge a mandatory signed for fee ($2.95) in addition to $1.50 per $100 insured as well as the cost of postage.  Costs of satchels are now:  500g =$8.25, 3kg =$13.40, 5kg = $16.70.  If you know of a cheaper way to post any certain item, please let me know.  I will always add cheaper post if possible.

Payment Methods Accepted
Money Order
Personal Cheque
Bank Deposit
Return/Refund Policy

Refunds are given in the event that the item has some major issue with my description. i.e. if you find a 5 mm spot that I didn't list - that's not within the "refund policy". If there is a major difference in the description, then I pay a full refund which includes what you've spent on postage (to & from). If you simply change your mind - that's fine too, but you'll have to pay all post costs to and from.

Payment Instructions

Paypal is the only form of payment permitted from overseas. Please email in advance for post costs. Paypal payments will be returned if used within Australia. Payment within 7 days is appreciated, but if you find yourself unable to do so, please send an email. Lay-by is fine on all items. Email for details.