Koi King and Koi Art Products Brand New

Last Modified Date: 16/12/2014 12:52 AM A full range of top grade koi food and finely crafted koi art collections for sale. The four types food include staple, wheat germ, hi-growth and spirulina which are all available in 1 kg and 5 kg bags.

The advantages of using our koi food is that it can:
-enhance the natural colours and pigmentation of koi
-stimulate growth at high rates
-provide the basic nutritional requirements all year round
-encourage strong skeletal development and muscle formation
-ensure the colours do not fade
-be used in both summer and winter periods

We also have koi art items designed and made by a famous Taiwanese artist for sale.

Some of the items include:
-miniature koi models
-glass ornaments with different koi varieties imprinted on them
-fancy cups and teacups imprinted with koi or goldfish
-cute koi accessories for mobile phones

For more information about our products please visit this website: www.koikingnkoipro.com.

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