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Get Power Force Petrol Portable Inverter Generator 1.0kva

Last Modified Date: 25/04/2013 04:44 PM The brand new Power Force ZX1200i, 1.0Kva Inverter/Generator has been manufactured using the top quality components.

This is the first generator of its size to feature a micro computer controlled sine wave inverter that guarantees commercial quality electricity making it ideal for use with sensitive electrical equipment’s.

Safety Features of this Generator:

• Engine oil alert system that automatically stops the engine before oil levels can fall below safe limits.

• 100% pure sine wave for a safe, consistent power for all Sensitive electronic devices such as Computers, TVs, Phone chargers, Lights and more...

• This generator comes with bonus dust cover; that will protect the life of your generator from dust, sand, water, dirt, mud and salt when travelling.


• AC Voltage / Frequency: 240V 50Hz

• Engine Displacement: 40cc

• Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.1L

• Overall Dimension: 425 X 230 X 380mm

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