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Buy Brand New ZX3200I Power Force 3.1kva Inverter Generator Brand New

Last Modified Date: 25/04/2013 04:33 PM The Power Force ZX3200I Inverter/Generator has been manufactured using finest superiority components, designed to most recent in Australia's toughest conditions. The ZX3200I Inverter / Gasoline generator from Power Force is the solution for a reliable power supply at home, work or on the road.

The smart throttle system automatically adjusts the engine to run at the right RPM required to power the load, which makes the ZX3200I more energy efficient.

Safety Features of the ZX3200I:

• Engine oil alert system that automatically stops the engine before oil levels can fall below safe limits.

• 100% pure sine wave for a safe, consistent power for all sensitive electronic devices such as Computers,TVs, Phone chargers and more…

• The ZX3200I portable fuel proficient inverter/generator who can execute in any environment and provide reliable power for an extended period of time.

• The ZX3200I can run up to 8 hours depending on the load.

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