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Quality 5 TIPS Oral Irrigator at its best - Powered by water

'Fresh Breath' Oral Irrigator FBOi2 - Metal Diverter Valve for tap or shower install

Use the power of water jet to floss your teeth more efficiently and effectively than ordinary string flossing

normally only available on the website but now on quicksales

*satisfaction guarantee*

This is the metal diverter version, high quality of the popular Fresh Breath Oral Irrigator. A premium version for people who want all chrome bath decor with the possibility of installing it in the shower if desired or if a suitable tap is not available.

For the tap installation on standard taps / mixers with an internal (female) aerator nozzle thread 24 mm internal diameter (Tap insert adapter provided has Male thread 24 mm, there are also 3 extra inserts 20, 21 and 22 mm).

If you need the version that can install on a tap nozzle with outside thread, check my website for FBOi1 version -

For the shower installation it connects between the shower wall pipe and the shower arm or hose - see pictures below (for Australian standard shower pipe connection of 19mm (3/4“) - remove the adapter and the diverter simply goes on the shower wall pipe) . It can last you a lifetime.

One other great use for it in the shower or tap is for cleaning your razor blade when shaving with the strong jet - no fuss and easy

See pictures below and the website - - for more information - this version is FBOI2

If you want a reliable and simple to use Oral Irrigator, always available without setup every time, better water jet pressure than the expensive noisy electric units and it lasts years longer read below or visit the web site below.

With more water jet pressure than electrical units, more affordable, more effective, easier to use and once installed it is conveniently available without setup. No bacteria ridden water tanks to wash and fill, no flat batteries or cords to plug in, no noise, just ready to use, on tap...when you need it...

Be careful in buying oral irrigators without a water diverter that allows complete water diversion to the hand / mouth -piece (such as the plastic shower ones sold out of USA) - no water pressure in the jet (I imported and tested). Also, US shower pipe sizes are slightly smaller than ours here and you will have a bit of trouble with the fitting.

(to visit the website for more info click on the above link above or copy/type it in your browser window)

The first and only Oral Irrigator (FBOI2) in Australia that connects to your tap or shower.

Some people prefer the shower connection because they brush their teeth in the shower

Our family have both and we use both depending where we brush our teeth

Connects directly on the standard tap with internal aerator (tap tip mesh) thread or between shower wall pipe and shower arm / rose / hose.

Each set consist of 5 colored piks, just nice for 5 users or a family of 5

If you want more info / photos please visit

* satisfaction guarantee means you are refunded the cost (less postage) if returned complete in original condition and box to us within 14 days of receiving it*

For more info continue reading below:

What does it do?

Provides easy dental flossing (by water jet)

Helps improve and heal gums in less than 14 days

Removes debris and reduces oral bacteria

Cleanses braces, bridges, crowns and implants

And best of all - Freshens breath - Your mouth feels and is really clean

What’s more?

Easy to install on sink tap or in the shower

Easy to adjust for temperature & pressure

Easy convenient and safe to use (no electricity)

Also ideal for Dental Bridges, Crowns, Dentures and Braces.

Neatly install the chrome Distributor Valve onto existing standard tap faucet or strip the diverter and connect to the shower

wall pipe and install the shower arm or hose to the other end, all seals are provided in the pack no need for Teflon tape.

Connect the rubber hose. Fit the streaming jets tip.

Ready to use. Control the Jet pressure and temperature using the tap or mixer handle.

Children should be supervised by Adults when used

This oral irrigator has obtained U.S.A patent, it is proven to be a safe and reliable device for cleaning your mouth and teeth

and preventing gum disease, gingivitis, bleeding gums and bad breath. It is sold in U.S., Europe, and Asia for years.

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