Problems With Sellers

Unable to contact the seller

Please allow at least 3 days for the seller to get in touch with you. Please ensure that the seller's email address is not blocked by your spam filters or redirected to your junk mail folder.

What to do after 3 days:

  1. You can get the seller's email address from the 'Won' or 'Purchase' email sent to you.
  2. You can contact the seller through quicksales from the item page or from your 'Won' list.
  3. Ensure you spam filters are not blocking emails from the seller. The seller may be trying to email you but your filters
  4. Check that your contact details are correct. The seller may be trying to email you but your contact details are incorrect. Click here

Call the seller. Request to Exchange contact details in order to obtain the seller's contact phone number. Note: try the above steps first.

Emails returned / bounced back: If your emails to the seller are returned (have no reached the seller), it is possible that they are having problems with their internet service provider / email. However, the seller will still receive messages you send via the quicksales message system in their quicksales inbox when they next sign in.

If you still cannot contact the seller after a reasonable time frame, we recommend that you leave them an appropriate rating.

The seller refuses to sell

The seller is obligated to complete the sale in line with our Listing Policy below:

  • As a seller of an item that was successfully sold by auction or BuyNow, you are obligated to complete the sale and promptly forward the item to the successful buyer on completion of the transaction.
  • You cannot refuse to sell an item because the final price is not what you expected.I f you want to make sure the final price is not too low, ensure the start price is set to the minimum you would accept.
  • In addition to these rules, you must abide by the rules of Section 8 - "Provisions relating to Sellers"of our User Agreement.

A seller should only be listing items they hold sufficient stock for as clearly stated within our Listing Policy and they should be listing the item at the minimum asking price to prevent items being sold at a price they are not satisfied with. We cannot however, force a seller to finalise as stated within our User Agreement. We can only provide suggested guidelines. If a seller was to repeat this practise on more than one occasion, we would look at assessing the member's account further. If you are able to resolve this amicably please do so. We recommend you contact the seller and attempt to communicate with them further. If they still refuse to finalise the sale, you should leave them an appropriate Rating.

Excessive postage charges

Before placing a bid or making a purchase, ensure you are satisfied with the postage costs. If in doubt, ask the seller before placing a bid / buying. Your winning bid / purchase is binding and you are bound to the postage costs specified. You may contact the seller prior to bidding / purchasing and make an arrangement (if the seller agrees) regarding postage. If you query the postage costs after winning / purchasing you shouldn't expect the seller to reduce the cost. If you think an item has excessive postage costs you can report the item via the 'Report' button for further assessment, although this will only apply to currently listed items, not sold items.

The seller reported me for not paying, and I have since paid. What should I do now?

Notify the seller of your payment. The seller will need to decide as to whether or not they can still finalise the sale. If yes, then they will need to post out your item in due course. Alternatively, if they cannot finalise the sale, they should contact you to arrange a refund of your payment.
Please Exchange contact details with your seller if required, for further contact options.

Item not received

Ensure you have read and understood the item description and the seller's payment and postage terms. Allow enough time for the seller to receive the payment and to post the goods to you. If you paid by direct deposit it may take 3 working days to show. If you paid by money order or cheque it will take longer to process. Cheques will need to clear, which can take up to 5 working days after being banked.

What to do after 7 days:

  1. Check the postage details of the item. There may be reasons why the postage is taking longer than you expected.
  2. Contact the seller by email and or phone. Provide as much information as you can about the payment. For example: Method, Date, Amount, Reference used. If you paid at a bank branch, the seller may not see the same reference. Give them the branch BSB and Postcode to assist.
  3. Leave an appropriate Rating as this may spur them into action. Ratings can be revised, you can upgrade a Rating. For more information click here.
  4. File a 'Report Item Not Received' dispute within 60 days of the item ending. You must Exchange contact details first; this is a prerequisite of the reporting process as we have found that many disputes have been resolved through members amicably communicating directly. Report Item Not Received | Help filing the report.

Offensive / abusive emails

  • If the message was sent via quicksales, we would suggest that you report the message as 'spam' so we may review the message content and take appropriate action as deemed necessary.
  • If the message was sent privately (outside of quicksales) we cannot take any action as it not within our authority to do so. If the private email is of a harassing nature however, please view below:
  • quicksales has been instructed to advise members in receipt of abusive emails of a harassing and repetitive nature, to report them to their local authorities. In turn the matter may be referred (if deemed necessary) to the Computer Crime Squad. The sender of such emails may be guilty of stalking which is a criminal offence. If a member is in receipt of emails that are not ongoing or repetitive, there is no criminal act at hand and no case will be filed by the local authorities.

I have lodged an Item Not Received dispute but have not received a refund or replacement. What happens next?

If you do not receive the goods you paid for, there are several procedures and policies in place to help. See Buyer Protection for more information

Items were different than described

Most sellers will try to resolve any issues. They may offer you a refund or a replacement item. If the seller refuses to cooperate, you should leave them an appropriate Rating

My seller's account is on hold / suspended, why?

An account may be placed on hold or suspended for any of the following reasons:

  • Overdue invoices
  • Waiting on ratings to be received from initial buyers to ensure they are a genuine seller
  • Fraudulent activity
  • No response to quicksales staff on communications previously send (hold is removed once a reply is received)
  • Breach of the User's Agreement and/or Policies and Rules
  • Incomplete personal details (such as telephone number etc)
  • For Privacy reasons, we are not able to disclose particular details.